With the power of Skype, I am able to work with clients wherever they are in the globe.  Don’t let distance and time be an excuse for you notto do the work. I also work with clients face to face in Yorkshire and the Birmingham area of the UK.

The sessions are all about you and are designed to meet your own individual needs to enable you to move away from the problem and into the solution. Coaching is not therapy and my goal is not to ‘fix’ you. I am here to guide, support, challenge, and encourage you to help you reach your goals and create a life that you love.

What happens in a coaching session?

In the coaching sessions you will get clarity on the changes you want to make,identify what has held you back, and explore actions and solutions to get you to where you want to be. It is likely that you may be given assignments and tasks to work on in between sessions.It is also common to leave the sessions feeling excited, inspired, motivated and ready to embrace change on all levels!


To start this amazing journey, Schedule a call(link) to see how we can work together.  Link