MP3 – Module 2 – Managing Stress in Midlife, Menopause and Beyond




MP3 Managing Stress in Midlife and Beyond

“The greatest weapon against stress, is our ability to choose one thought over another??? – William James


Stress is unavoidable; it is something we all feel at some time.  At midlife and menopause whilst hormones are fluctuating on a daily basis, affecting moods and wellbeing, the ability to cope with additional stress can seem overwhelming.


This MP3 may help you to release stress and tension as you relax and listen to the powerful suggestions to help you live your life in a less stressful way.


One of the best gifts you can give yourself is the ability to manage your stress levels effectively and well.  Learning to recognise your stress triggers and apply appropriate stress management techniques needs to be a priority in your life.


Enjoy the peaceful relaxing music and gentle yet powerful hypnotic suggestions to help you learn how to deal with and manage stress.


Why not add to your basket the Stress Management Module too so you can deepen your experience of managing stress.


Do it today, and do it for you.