MP3 Module 4 – Supercharge Your Confidence



Supercharge your confidence MP3 – guided imagery and hypnotic recording

There are so many changes as you enter your 40s and beyond.  These changes that are taking place within you both internally and externally may cause your self-confidence and self-esteem to diminish a little.  Your body is changing, your hormones are fluctuating, your moods are changeable by the minute and you may have a few or all of the symptoms of menopause.


The midlife and menopausal years can be a time of true transformation, new beginnings disguised as endings.


Why not allow the soothing music and powerful suggestions of this MP3 recording help you to regain your feelings of confidence and feel more positive about all of the changes that taking place.


Aging is a natural process that arrives in everyone’s lives.  It is how you deal with it that makes a difference.


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