MP3 – Module 5 – Image Makeover




Image makeover MP3

With the advancing years, not only is your body gong through changes, your mind is too.  The way you dress and feel about yourself is the message you send out to the world.  When you are confident in yourself you project confidence.  Liking what you see in the mirror and creating an image that you are comfortable with is important to you and your self-esteem.


Learning to love and accept yourself and to make the most of your best features takes time, effort, commitment and belief in yourself.


The truth is that there are some styles you cannot get away with wearing in midlife that you could in your 20s, no matter how slim and toned you are.


It easy to get lost in what to wear and how to wear it.


This relaxing MP3 will give you some excellent suggestions for change that you can implement straight away to your life.


Why not add the corresponding Image Makeover module to your basket too?


You are worth it!