MP3 – Module 6 – Sexuality & Relationships




Sexuality & Relationships Mp3


There is no such thing as a sexpiration date.  Just because you are moving into the third phase of your life does not mean that the end of sex and intimacy is on the menu.  Human beings are social creatures and we love to be loved and to love in return.  Part of that love includes touch and affection with one another.


It is true that the aging process can bring about certain changes within the body that may affect lovemaking, but with good communication and adjustments there is no reason that you can’t enjoy rich and satisfying intimacy with each other.  Sexiness is an attitude and a



We are living longer and women are looking fantastic in middle age and beyond.  Building a happy and loving relationship with yourself is important.


Allow yourself to relax and absorb the wonderful suggestions and information on this MP3 to make the most of what you have and to celebrate it confidently.


Is it time to reclaim your feelings of sexiness?


Why not compliment the MP3 with the corresponding Sexuality and Relationships Module, and enjoy building intimacy once again.