MP3 – Module 7 – Weight Management & Excercise




Weight management and exercise Mp3

Weight and weight management can be a highly emotional subject for many women, especially while undergoing the physical changes of midlife, menopause and the associated hormonal fluctuations.


There may be days where you feel bloated and that your weight may be redistributing which may also be true.  This can be very upsetting particularly if you are doing everything by the book in order to be as healthy as possible.  In addition, as you start to age your metabolism is slowing down.


This is wonderful MP3 that allows you tackle the issues of weight management.  Emotional eating is a very common issue with women and in this MP3 you may recognise many aspects of your own relationship with food and your eating habits.


If you need a little help and encouragement in this area then download this MP3 to help support your health and wellness goals.


There are also some excellent tools, techniques and strategies within the corresponding module which you may like to add to your basket too.